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Jens Neuhalfen

Jens Neuhalfen


The Fediverse, Meta, and Enshittification
·596 words·3 mins
Meta has the technological edge over the Fediverse and enshittifiction is ensured. Should the Fediverse still federate with threats?
Viewing Agile Through The Feedback Loop Lens
··1618 words·8 mins
DevSecOps Agile
Viewing agile through the feedback lense gives interesting insights into why projects fail and what we can do against it
Bouncy GPG 2.2.0 released
·1066 words·6 mins
Coding Bouncy-Gpg Java
bouncy-gpg 2.2.0, now with key generation
Testing the compatibility of gpg and bouncy-gpg
·958 words·5 mins
Coding Bouncy-Gpg Java Testing
For bouncy-gpg I needed to assert compatibility with gnupg. This means a lot of shelling out gpg.
LeetCode #746 : Min cost climbing stairs
·955 words·5 mins
Coding Leetcode Python Dynamic Programming
60 ms, faster than 44.27%